Corporate Equity Inc.

Business Valuation

Understanding, analyzing, and pinpointing value represents our core expertise. We assist clients seeking to determine their corporate worth in a broad range of environments and situations. At Corporate Equity, Inc., we recognize the necessity of a professional and independent business valuation for our clients looking to sell a business, buy a business, or fulfill due diligence requirements.

Company Valuation

We understand that using “rules of thumb” is not sufficient in determining a company’s value. We provide our clients with an independent analysis to best capture the value of their companies, defining the selling price of a business through a business valuation based on an assessment by independent professionals. We offer the best value for the money in the business valuation industry, another reason for our success.

Synergy Analysis

Because we acknowledge that synergy plays a large role in supporting the valuation of a business, our business valuation process includes an in-depth review of the synergistic value of each deal. Our professionals assess the synergies available to our clients. This analysis not only enables us to fully understand the value of our client companies, but also allows us to better determine viable acquisition targets.

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